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Michael Billings is focused on encouraging, teaching and equipping believers to abound in life by the power of Christ in you, the hope of glory. He ministers the Word of God from the perspective of seeing the BIG picture in Jesus—how everything in your life can fit together for increase, each part adding significance to the whole to have God’s very best always working exponentially for you. His messages are faith-based, success-oriented and in the tempo of living as if heaven’s on earth.

Michael has been the Pastor of River Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama since 1997. Weekly service videos are posted live on Sundays at about 10:45am and Wednesdays at about 7:15pm. Service podcasts are ready to listen to anytime. The River Church website is accessed by clicking  here

The Billings Ministries website is home to all the other teachings from Michael or Debbie Billings. Whether it be in audio, video, or blog form you are sure to be blessed by these timely and applicable subject teachings. We are adding sections regularly in each category, so make us one of your frequent stops online. You can find your desired word from the navigation bar. God bless you and thank you for visiting today. 


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Winning In Life 

          Always Victory-Minded

          Everything Is Turning Out Amazing

          Finishing Strong Is Your Life

          Guarantee Your Success In Life

          The Life Of Excellence

          Mastering the Significance of Your Life 

          My Amazing Life Thrives on Principles

          Never Give Up

          No Matter What-There's A Way to Win

          Running Your Race to Win it

          The Advantage of a Crisis

          The Focus Factor

          The Promise Keeper