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Wisdom & Keys to take you where Jesus has sent you

to Shine and be Blessed.

01. When you dare give your word as a promise, intend with the whole of your strength & the sum of your will to ensure that your pledge is found worthy.


02. Decision determines the success of every part of life. If you’re too weak to establish the outcome up front, you will only marvel at those that would not settle.


03. Let God surprise you with his Goodness. You’ve never yet seen His last or even His best intervention. Always expect the unexpected.


04. Doubt stops to measure the options & study the forks in the road. But, conviction is certain. Faith knows where the destination is & never  wavers.


05. Ponder that you’ll always press in to go beyond everyone’s expectation. Determine to even amaze yourself that you are really that strong!


06. Let Holy Spirit surprise you with His Goodness so you’ll always be full & ready.


07. How much life do you require to live yours? Is there anything left over for you to give or does it take all of your life to live your life?


08. Taking risks measures courage. Why take risks? Just be safe! But life is empty without risks. We only regret the chances we didn’t take. 







09. Be easily persuaded to believe. Holy Spirit is bringing Heaven’s best to you through every door faith will open.


10. Everything is turning out amazing. And, everything that is not now amazing is still turning. You can wait for all of it.


11. The common man is every-where. Nobody is moved by his life. Escape plain & ordinary. Become.


12. You are the best you there is—but not even close to being the best someone else. There is a purpose to why He made you. 


13. Transition always precedes promotion. There is no increase without change. It is the Goodness of God that leads us to that change. 


14. Where are your choices taking you? A good man brings forth good out of his good heart-treasure. The new birth is full of heaven's best!


15. Luck is a lie. It doesn’t exist. Life is composed by the words of our mouth & the seed that we sow. 


16. Words create the future. No man should complain about an insignificant life that he has framed by little dreams & feeble words.


17. Right now—rise up from whatever you’ve been thinking about & do something great! It’s who you already are—it is what you should do to have, right now.




18. The impossible is disproved by everyone that hadn’t heard that it couldn't happen, while they were doing it.


19. Builders take what they have & do the best they can with all that they have. But creators start at the end of a thing & discover everything that only fits that.


20. Does the Lord CALL anyone home? He said, with long life I will satisfy you. Done with your life-mission or are you just tired & bored? Honesty is required.


21. Being willing to do now what you are not qualified to do is the qualifier to do everything else. Don’t wait for an exact fit to engage. 


22. You cannot know what you can do or have until you know who you are. Don’t pursue position or things. Discover the uncommon man in you & all of it will always come.


23. Sometimes, the strongest of men just don’t know what to do. So, they just do the right thing. That always takes them to knowing exactly what to do.


24. Should you move on this thing now or should you wait? But doesn't God always wait until His perfect time to move you? So now. In a moment, now is your past.


25. To involve yourselves with new people is to risk being rejected. Always go bold & take the people-risk anyway. You're unrejectable!