Picture of AlabamaALABAMA

Admitted to the Union on December 14, 1819 as 22nd State
Motto: Audemus Jura Nostra Defendre (We Dare Defend Our Rights)
Nickname: The Heart of Dixie, Sweet Home Alabama, Alabama the Beautiful and the Yellow Hammer State

In a national survey about the States, Americans were asked to give a one-word stereotype about each one. For Alabama, it was “Good!”

1901 Preamble to the Alabama Constitution:

We, the people of the State of Alabama, in order to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, invoking the favor and guidance of Almighty God, do ordain and establish the following Constitution…

ALABAMA—from the native Choctaw tongue meaning thicket clearer: one who clears a path, prepares a way or opens a field.

This has prophetically been borne out repeatedly with Alabama’s role throughout her history, whether for good or bad, blessing or cursing. The State has been involved in birthing a number of movements with national impact and historically, often the first to stand with Israel. Alabama has also been strong in issues involving state’s rights.
However, even in all of her noble leadership, she has also failed to always steer this same calling upward; as in stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the injustice against slaves long ago and in this generation, minority rights within the nation and within her own borders. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. responded to this stubborn willfulness in a speech given in December of 1955, quoting the Old Testament but let judgment run down as water, and righteousness as a mighty stream. AMOS 5:24
The Lord desires to fully redeem the reproach of this flawed part of her past so that Alabama would take its appointed place in the States.
Thou shalt no more be termed forsaken; neither shall thy land any more be termed desolate: but thou shalt be called Hephzibah, and thy land Beulah: for the LORD delighteth in thee, and thy land shall be married.   ISAIAH 62:14


Jesus is Lord over the United States of America. He has assigned this nation with a calling to carry out notable aspects of His will in the last days. One is to present and empower the world to find and embrace their true Creator and the Savior He has sent to each citizen. In that broad plan, the Lord has likewise revealed His special assignment for the State of Alabama. It is a heavenly strategy that is anything but assumed or expected.
He has spoken through many men in different and widespread venues from at least the mid-1980’s to even just recently about her unique and unexpected calling toward America. About thirty of these spontaneous and often startling prophecies have been recovered, preserved, transcribed and presented here. Some things said specifically about Alabama were given in a broader word, including Heaven’s discourse to other States or seemingly unrelated subjects. Only the section of the whole message dealing with Alabama is articulated here, preserving the context.
The purpose of any divine utterance supernaturally revealed through men is to both to reveal and thereby attach urgency to the coming will of God.  Rather than resist it, some will pray in harmony with the new revelation in order to usher in life on earth as it is in heaven.
Faith is simply believing what God has said about anything to the point of boldly acting upon it. Concerning this list, nobody has personally witnessed the giving of more than a  few of all these many prophetic words. Therefore, each of us  must depend on the witness of the Holy Ghost within our hearts as we meditate each one for truth. If we do, the Kingdom that has both come and is yet coming will lead us to believe and speak about Alabama beyond her history, facts or current trends. An expectancy about Heaven’s plans will cause many to speak and pray about a dream of a great Spiritual Awakening being kindled in the Yellow Hammer State. That may seem foolish to our feelings, but according to Holy Spirit, it is absolutely wisdom.

-Alabama is called out as the Reformer and Justice State                                                -Agree for her to clear the path and prepare the way for Alabamians, Americans and the whole World

The Prophetic WORD of the LORD to ALABAMA


01 Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho pointing to a U.S. map in mid—1980’s

[A paraphrase] In the last days before Jesus would return there will be a great revival in America that will begin in Alabama, especially in the central part of the state.


02 Kenneth Copeland in Birmingham Alabama, August 31, 1990

A firestorm. You know, you can get a fire broken loose to the place where it creates its own wind. Once it creates its own wind…I’m talking about a forest fire or something like that… that thing creates its own wind. And the heat will get so hot that the forest begins…the fire begins to crown and it begins to run through the tops of the trees and explode out to the bottom of the trees. It’s a firestorm, it’s a storm of fire.
Well, just as I turned around I saw in the Spirit, hanging right over this city a huge ball, rolling, active, tumbling, a huge ball of fire. Not destructive fire but fire of the Holy Ghost, the consuming fire of God. And when I saw that in my spirit I said, God, what is that? I knew immediately it was Birmingham, Alabama. And I said, God, what is that? He said, There is about to be a Holy Ghost firestorm in this whole county. In this whole area. This thing’s going to burst…a Holy Ghost firestorm just exploding in every direction over this city.
Don’t you put the water of unbelief on that fire. I’ll hold you responsible for it, saith God, for the time has come. For I see the saints of old, hundred years plus ago, lying on their faces in parts of this area. All different races, different backgrounds, different cultures. Some of them you would think would never dream, they were people of prayer. And they cried out to Me, saith God. And I’ve been preparing this mighty ball of fire for THIS AREA all these years. And I am about to burn the highways and the byways. And they’re on their way! So prepare for it! Put in store for it. Start preparing. Start praying and looking for it for the firestorm is about to come. It’s about to come. Beware and take heed for this is the hour that all those prayers went forth for…. It’s about to happen. It’s about to happen. The firestorm’s coming. The firestorm of the Holy Ghost is coming. You’re going to experience the wind of the Spirit. It’s going to blow through this countryside…I’m telling you, it’s going to blow through here like nothing you’ve ever seen before in your life. Amen. Amen.


03 Bobby Conner, the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola Florida, 1995

The next great revival will happen in Alabama


04 Ruth Ward Heflin, Missionary to Israel in Ashland Virginia, 1997

Come and go with Me to Alabama. For I shall make the state a beautiful way. I shall raise her up, and the wind of God shall blow upon her and through her and the many shall come alive with my love—and I, the Lord, shall be a blazing fire running through Alabama. Many shall come from many places just to see what God shall do—for Alabama shall change in the power of this day. Alabama, know ye this—that even now, beginning now—the winds of God that blow upon thee shall be the power of God that sets many free. For I, the Lord, shall run through you, run with My power, run with My joy and run with strength and bring people out—and they shall come out in the strength and witness of my glory and the blessing and fire of my Spirit—and it shall spread and cause many to walk in the Spirit—and they will say what they couldn’t say before and do what they couldn’t do before and they shall be naturally supernatural and work the works of the impossible and turn the heads of the children of men. Listen to me—keep your eyes upon Alabama—for I say she shall be one that will make the news and many shall come far and wide—and they shall come in cars and planes and trains to see what God is doing. I say she shall be as a banjo upon My knee—and I will play a song in her that shall reach around the world. Come and go with Me and see Alabama set men free.


05 Tracy Harris in Blountsville Alabama November 11, 2001

The Spirit of God wants to do something in Alabama. Oh, He always wanted to do something. He wants to do something in Alabama. Man, I see that! He is going to break out all over this nation, but for this region, I hear that, for this region, God has plans!


06 Buzzy Sutherlin in Blountsville Alabama, February 11, 2003

…something that has been burning in my heart…I’ve had a dream. I’m telling you right now, I’ve been to the mountain and I’ve seen over into that promised land and I see Alabama rising up and the Spirit of grace rising in them and I see God supernaturally taking a state and making an example for the world. I see men and women rising up and taking their rightful place and they’ll stand up and walk in rank and file and they’ll not break ranks but they’ll walk in the blessings of Almighty God and they’ll walk in such a way that a revelation to the world shall come and they’ll say “I’ve seen Christ” and “I’ve seen the Messiah!


07 Alabama  Gathering-50 State Tour in Decatur Alabama, July 2003

REFORMER—by Dutch Sheets   There is a reformer anointing in Alabama, a true Hezekiah reformer anointing, the ability to tear down the old and establish the new.
VOICE—by Dutch Sheets   Ask the Lord for a full voice in Alabama—to become a complete forerunning reforming people with a full voice to deal with the old and bring in the new.
BEAUTY—by Chuck Pierce   Alabama will be known as one that rose from the ashes and became a beautiful gate to the land.
BRIDGES—by James Goll   And I am going to change your barriers into bridges—the dividing walls and barriers shall be changed into bridges.
BONES—by Lou Engle   In my dream I was digging in the earth for something precious (re-digging wells for breakthrough and national revival). I struck something that hindered all progress. As I continued, I discovered what blocked further digging were bones—bones of injustice. Then I noticed something written on the first bone—upon it was inscribed: ALABAMA.
GATES of JUSTICE—by Negiel Bigpond ,Yuchi Chieftain of the Creek Nation   I am opening those gates to usher in Justice to the South—Justice is coming through the Southern Gates.


08 Sadhum Deldarha in Coldwater Alabama, September 29, 2006

Alabama is carved out, marked and reserved for God.


09 Mary Francis Varallo in Tuscaloosa Co. Alabama, March 25, 2007

That which is to happen for Alabama is enormous in the spirit. The revival that belongs to Alabama is enormous. Alabama will be a trigger for this regions and for the rest of the United States.
Alabama will do this thing, but you better believe that in the spirit realm that there is quite a warring going on over Alabama. You keep bumping in and thinking you’re getting ahead and coming into a breaking-through time, and then you hit a wall. You’ve got to learn why that happens and what to do when you hit that place and know that God has declared an end result concerning Alabama. And if you believe it, then you speak it and you say it. You get yourself into a position where you can speak to those walls. You speak to those confrontations with great faith and tell it to move over and come down; dissipate! You’ve already got that authority but you have to understand your region. There are certain powers and principalities that think that they have been there and that they have been there forever and they say, this is the way it is, and until there is a new heaven and a new earth, it is.
But what walks in your streets tries to get into your doors. You take authority over it and you don’t allow it. You learn to declare the end result and you tell hell, NO, that THIS is how it is.


10 Neville Johnson in Daphne Alabama, May 3, 2007

Being visited by angels through the last few years, Neville said—God has His hand on Alabama. This could be the launching point for the next great revival in America.


11 Alabama Gov. Bob Riley in Montgomery Alabama, April 2008

Alabama is redefining herself as an international State. Economic development is growing faster in Alabama than any other two to three southern states combined. We are looked to as a manufacturer, and in that league, Alabama stands out.


12 Chuck Pierce at The Alabama State Conference of the United States Alliance for Reformation in Montgomery Alabama, July, 2009

[Edited Excerpt]
I am ready to lift the veil off the bride of this region. There is a deep root of division that has kept My people from seeing what I am attempting to do in this area. But I will remove this veil and that root of separation that has occurred will be uprooted. The Lord says, there is a great uprooting that is coming into this state and this uprooting is going to remove the power of separation that has occurred and has created a working, divisive spirit that is keeping My people from experiencing a release of anointing that they have not known. I say today, that a face to face confrontation is coming. That divided wall of separation is now going to fall and what moved this way and what moved this way will now move together and overthrow demonic hosts that have never been overthrown in this land and move from this land into the entire national region. I say to you, Alabama, get ready. The veil that has been on you is coming off. I will confront you and the nation will now see that you are here.
Then He showed me this glory movement. It looked like a fire that began to move. Every state had a glory movement within it. Some states though, were so dark that, even if they had had a covenant root, that root had been destroyed and were actually captured with dark tentacles. Every state had contending thrones in it; thrones of evil that had been erected. Every State had thrones that would have to be overturned. In most states there were these circles, and it looked like they were encased and they were blazing with fire. Some states did not have these. I said, Lord, what in the world is that? He said, those are Freedom Outposts that I will be creating for the future. c
Then I would see this glory movement attached to the Freedom Outposts. In other words, this movement of fire that was going on, there was a movement going on in every state and each movement had to connect to these Freedom Outposts. This would be like the church structure for the future. When that movement would enter into these Freedom Outposts, it was immediate transformation. People would go into these Freedom Outposts and they would transform. Their bodies would transform. Their cells would realign. These places were so filled with freedom and spiritual force—this is what God has created—that they no longer looked like anything we knew churchwise. They were so filled with the vibrancy of the power and glory of God that people, when they would go in, they would come out and be seven times brighter as they would come through those Freedom Outposts. It was amazing to watch.
Alabama actually had Ten Freedom Outposts within it. In the midst of these Ten Freedom Outposts, what God said was, this would be a state that would create. Ten is linked with beginning a new testimony. And God said this state [Alabama] would be one in the future that created a testimony for this nation.
This state was so green; it looked like what you imagine that Ireland looks like. And in it, God said, this state would be one that life would be-gin to spring forth, testimony would begin to spring forth, faith would begin to spring forth. Starting next year [2010], it is going to come to the very top…it is going to come to the top of the polls. It is going to come to the top of the site. It is going to come to the top of things happening. Get ready, as a sign of how Alabama is going to begin to be seen as a state filled with life and life abundantly. And He showed me a river going down through this incredibly lush green. And in this river, even though the river was separating two distinct areas, I saw God lay a bridge and say, what had never been bridged before in the state will now be bridged.
And in the midst of these freedom outposts… they were so vibrant…it almost was like…even though I saw them as fire… they were irrigation centers. I can only say what it was like, the whole state began to move with the glory realm of fire. Alabama had ten Freedom Outposts representing a new testimony coming forth for this nation and it was like it was irrigation centers. In other words, the fire went down and the water came up and life began to flow abundantly.
Therefore, get ready, for the move of God is coming in. It is a healing move of God. It is a repairing move of God. It is a deep move of God with both fire and water sweeping across this state. Notice any time the fire sweeps in by the Spirit, but notice when the water pours down. The water will pour down and the fire will begin to bubble up in God’s people throughout this state.
Get ready. You are in a very good place. You are at a very good time and now you will start hearing the blessings I have to offer you. The curses that you are to resist and how you can see a testimony form throughout this entire state will affect the nation in the days ahead. Get ready. I say this, get ready—Your new mantle will catch up with you.
The second thing I say to you is, you will develop a testimony that will affect this whole nation.
The third thing is, that you will be an irrigation source to this entire nation in days ahead because water will cause you to prosper and you will be a state that prospers and grows green and becomes filled with life because you will bridge what has separated you.
Finally, God says, I give you that passage word that says, I remember my covenant with this state. Let the power of my covenant work in you until blessings begin to overtake you


13 Chuck Pierce in Daphne Alabama, December 9,  2009

God is bringing Alabama to national attention now, for such a time as this. The enemy wants to stop the move of God that is coming to this area right now. God says, don’t you stop or back up-you keep pressing forward.
Alabama is the first state where God is reaching down and pulling an apostolic remnant up out of that which has been in the territory. He is ready to make inroads here and cause the nation to see Him move in a region.
In line with that, Paul Keith Davis prophesied earlier this year, I will bring Alabama to the top of the polls [college football] and it will be light and life and life to a whole nation [this actually happened this week].
God has a triumphant reserve for the next season in every state. They look like fire, a movement in every state. They are hubs and they look like castles of fire-like furnaces. The triumphant reserve connects to the hub, which is a freedom outpost. God is recreating the way his people gather together and meet. There are certain places and times when they gather, they will come in with one fore and go out seven times brighter. People will walk into a freedom outpost and their cells will rejuvenate.
There are states of light and states of darkness. Iowa is the darkest of all. The three brightest of all are Arizona, Alaska and Alabama-all vibrant with His glory. But Alabama will become a bridge that represents His covenant plant of the future. This state will represent how Israel remains aligned with an entire nation. Freedom outposts will be positioned throughout Alabama. Every state does not have freedom outposts and every state is not in covenant with God.
Alabama is so key in God’s plan for the next glory move. The spirit of infirmity that has dwelt in this region is commanded to let go and be gone!
A surprise move of healing will begin to break forth beginning in 2010. When hope is restored, healing begins.


14 Chuck Pierce in Montgomery Alabama, December 11,  2009

God planned a move of God in Alabama in 1926, but it was sidetracked. Something in Alabama resisted the move of God and it never became a spiritual awakening.
Kingdom rule shifts in a moment and in an atmosphere. If you can shift an atmosphere, you can shift the rule. But, then it is different. As God begins to move, people have to decide if they would go with this next season. Would they move forward? People that have seen heaven open, how would they move forward from that moment into the change ahead? That’s why we watch the signs that are in our midst. That’s why we watch the shifts that are going on.
A past move of God now must be linked to where we are now and then a whole new thing begins. That’s where we are now. God has chosen Alabama for this move of God. He has chosen Alabama to set a government of heaven in order that can sustain what needs to be moved and what needs to be changed in the earth realm.
We are at a shifting moment now. No longer can we continue to prepare for the way, for the way is here.
Alabama now is being brought to the forefront of America because there is this moment…. there’s a moment to shift us from Alabama, to eyes to see kingdom rule.
Why Alabama?
One reason Alabama…. was chosen…. is because she had covenant alignment in the land that could not be removed. That’s why Alabama could be used to overthrow racism; because racism is just a manifestation of anti-Semitism. And Alabama had such a covenant alignment with the land of Israel, and He is the God of Israel, and that rule of government in Alabama was different than any other state in America.
A land that is in covenant rejoices and the blessings of the land open up heavenly blessing on its people. The rule of heaven is now shifting and coming into the earth realm. There is a change in the atmosphere to position people to rule. People will become statesmen, people will stand up, people will begin to declare and all them in Alabama will be known as a land where the justice and rule of God is now occurring and become a model state to an entire nation.
What are you looking for in Alabama? There is a moment and a sign God gives that says, the shift isnow! God has ordered steps into Alabama. He’s ordering a way in this state. This state is becoming known because the moment of shift is now here. Watch for that moment.
Alabama is at the place and the people of God are at a place in Alabama where it’s going to be difficult for you to not to see a manifestation of God that he has intended for now.
God is already here over Alabama. I have not gone to any other state. I have not said that to any other state and this is the only state that I knew I was to go to and say that.
God has positioned Himself so close in the heavenlies over your family and Alabama, over the cities of Alabama, over the churches of Alabama, that in a moment, a divine manifestation for your future can occur. In a moment, what has been held over the last seasons over this region, God can manifest in a moment.


15 Paul Keith Davis in Montgomery Alabama, December 12,  2009

The eyes of the Lord are now on Alabama.


16 David Herzog in Eufaula Alabama, November  2010

[Paraphrase] Alabama is a covenant state and a refuge state. People will come to Alabama from across the nation to escape the troubles there.


17 Dutch Sheets in Daphne, Alabama, January 13, 2011

[An Edited Excerpt of his Message]
We are entering into an awakening now!—a true revival. It will be so significant that it will be referred to as the third Great Awakening—a significant outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It is a signs and wonders season increasing in this very small beginning. There is coming a time very quickly, that great testimonies will not be the exception, but the norm. Entire cities will be saved. The third Great Awakening to America will begin with the youth. It will very soon break out on campuses of universities, high schools and jr. high schools. We are moving into what many of us have waited for, for decades.
This move of God will come to the all the earth, not just this nation. The Fire of God will come with intensity and zeal, nothing is going to stop this from going from universities and colleges across the nation. There were people actually trying to stop this. It was raw, it was not lead by any one person. This revival will sweep the nation and it’s very unreligious, without structure and spontaneous. Kids coming to the Lord by the thousands. They don’t know anything but passionate love for Jesus. Mass deliverance taking place—homosexuality, addictions, perversions. For about a year we have been moving into this. In July [2010], so much started to happen. It’s here now, just move into it.
It will happen here and all across this state [Alabama]. This past Summer [2010] everything started going to a new level and intensifying—more miracles in the past six months, true undeniable healings and testimonies. It is the small beginnings of what is about to happen—coming with intensive fire, power and with glory. Coming undeniably to a generation who has never really experienced Him.
We haven’t seen an outpouring like the Book of Acts, since the Book of Acts. We have seen expressions of it, but not to the degree that they were taking over the land.
Now I will release things from the apostolic, which is the releasing and sending office.
God’s about to take this thing to another level here and elsewhere. You need to get ready be-cause the anointing is growing higher and stronger and deeper. A wave revival to Pensacola over to Mobile, then to New Orleans, then up the River of the Holy Spirit [the Mississippi River], over, backed up to the east coast, Florida, up to the east coast to the midwest, down through the southwest and shot out through the northwest. Before He returns, all of America would be ablaze.
Leaders are going to come here from around the nation, and the nations and be infected with miracles and signs and wonders and healings and you will hear of entire cities coming to the Lord.
Things hidden for this season are now being revealed. The harvest fields are universities and campuses of high schools, grade schools and kindergartens. Fires of awakening are beginning now.
You will see that entire nations will come to Him. Government leaders will defy the unrighteous laws and will prophecy from their bench. They will preach to criminals and unrighteous laws will be rewritten.
Principles and superintendents with backbones to say, I don’t care what they say, I’m not going to stop this.
Signs and wonders to public places and public events. Angels have power anointings in their hands and they’re passing them out.
We release the healing anointing in this place and out from this place.
Children being healed, children being touched with miracle anointings. Children poisoned with chemicals and contamination—healing them now.
Addictions and inheritances, defilements of abuse, DNA healed.
Angels sent in the grain fields to empower believers. Multiplication now begins.
Alabama will burn with the Holy Fire, every inch of Alabama—north, south, east and west and then it will go to every state touching until this whole region is ablaze with fire of revival.


18 Glenn Cotton in Montgomery Alabama, March 3, 2011

Alabama is Mine. I will manifest Myself here, and in the world, she shall be known.


19 David Ellis in Tuscaloosa Alabama, October 22, 2011

[Praying] Rain, rain, rain. We ask you for rain in the time of the latter rain. We ask you for the rain in Alabama. We ask you for the rain in Tuscaloosa. We ask you for the rain all over the state of Alabama which has been predestined for the manifestation of the Glory of God. This state has waited long enough. Send the rain. I’m asking You to do it. I’m asking You to do it. I’m asking You to do it. As Elijah of old, he prayed and he stopped it but he prayed again and the earth gave rain and the earth brought forth her fruit. I’m asking You, Lord, send the rain to this state, which in many corridors and many places looks like it is a spiritual wilderness. [Now saying] But there will be a fresh visitation of the Holy Ghost. There will be a fresh visitation of the Holy Ghost. There will be fresh revivals of the Holy Ghost as in previous days and decades. There’ll be revivals in the state of Alabama. There will be out-pourings of the Spirit in Alabama. Many will hear of it. Many will come from bordering states and they will have a revelation of the day and the hour and that the time is late. There will be Holy Ghost revivals that set captives free in cities of the state of Alabama.
Irrigation, irrigation, irrigation… as it were, that will supply rain and water even for the nation, will come out of this state. [To the Lord], why do You say to me, Irrigation in this state that even will water the nation? Thank You Lord, for things that have been prophesied before, doors that have been opened before, rooms that have been accessed before, visitations and manifestations that have happened before. Thank You, Father, though they seemingly dried up as the Brook Cherith, the rain will fall and the floods will flow once more. The rain will fall and the currents will flow once more. In 1st Kings 17, it was true that the Brook Cherith dried up and places even in this state, as it were, have dried up. But he prayed and the earth gave forth rain and the rain will fall and the current and the river will run once again. Come one, come all. Come all to the state of Alabama and jump into a river and the current of the Holy Ghost. And I hear it… irrigation that can supply water to the whole nation. Irrigation… supplying water… water… water… water being a type of the Holy Ghost, even strong enough for the whole nation. The Holy Ghost, in the plan of God takes great delight in using the most unusual and the most unlikely of people in circumstances and causing there to be a manifestation of Glory. I not only said it, I saw it spelled out before me. I don’t even know if I could spell ‘irrigation’ right. I heard irrigation…that’s enough water supply to water this whole nation. Summon it in. Summoning it in. Summoning it in. Let’s fill up those irrigation channels. There was a time in the old covenant that He spoke to one of the prophets and He said, if you’ll just dig the ditch, I’ll fill it with water. I don’t know if we’re digging ditches or filling with water or both. I saw it. Elijah said to his servant, go up toward the sea and tell me what you see. He came back six times and said, there is nothing. Go the seventh time. Well, there is a little cloud like the hand of a man coming out of the water. There are some ditches that have already been dug that we can fill up with water.
There is a change coming. There’s a change… that’s why there’s so much commotion and he couldn’t stop it! The wind blew and the storm came but the houses that were built on the revelation of the word could not be blown away.


20 David Ellis in Tuscaloosa Alabama, October 4am, 2011

In the year 2012, you’ll see it rain on one state and not another. And those that do not have rain will come to the states where the Spirit of God is effortlessly flowing. Why will they come? Will they come just because of the revivals and the souls being won? Yes, and no. For when My rain begins to fall, individually states will rise up to an unprecedented prosperous level, even during a time of famine. Make no mistake about it, Alabama is such a state that will rise even from seeming ashes to a prosperous place that will be the marvel of many of what happens when rain falls in one state. For did I not say in My Word, ask ye of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain and the Lord shall make bright clouds, showers of rain, grass to every man…, born again and lost, every man in a state that will proclaim the rain. You will see it prosper to an unprecedented level, even during a time of famine.
Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly, suddenly, suddenly… immediately! Oh, as suddenly and as immediately as did the stealer, killer and destroyer and a storm of death-nature come (the deadly 2011 Spring tornadoes in Alabama),so swiftly and suddenly and immediately My blessing will manifest. Mighty miracles.
There’s going to be a great change in our nation!


21 David Ellis in Tuscaloosa Alabama on October 4pm, 2011

Miracles…miracles…miracles…miracles in these churches. Houses of restoration, houses of miracle demonstrations. I speak over their churches. I speak over their congregations. Houses of demonstration. Houses of restoration. Houses of proclamation. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday—not just on Sunday—but throughout the week. Miracles. Miracles emanating. Miracles—proliferation of miracles. Multiplication of miracles.
May every church…be known as a miracle home, a miracle home, a home where miracles take place. Every base…every church.


22 Wynne Goss in Tuscaloosa Alabama, June 4, 2012

God is saying that there’s an extreme makeover going on in His church. There’s an extreme makeover going on in the church in Alabama. It is an extreme makeover.


23 Sandi Glee Ballew in Tuscaloosa Alabama, September 16, 2012

Alabama is the State of impossibilities becoming possible.


24 Wynne Goss in Tuscaloosa Alabama, November 19, 2012

 The Crimson Tide—I’m talking about the tide of His Blood coming over the whole of Alabama & bringing a revival & tearing down everything that’s in the wrong place & uprooting the stuff of demons that have kept people under the delusion of satan.


25 Wynne Goss in Tuscaloosa Alabama, November 20, 2012

Angels shall be normal in this state. Alabama is on the heart of God. God is at work to bring the move of God to the whole of America from the deep South. God is going to rise up in Alabama.


26 Marcel Joseph in Fosters Alabama, May 13, 2013

 Alabama, Alabama, Alabama, what about Alabama: this bedlam, as it were, of things of yesteryear that have been negative in the eyes of the world?
What about Alabama’s viewpoint from heaven? Oh, a great thing is brewing in the borders and so shall it run from the top to the bottom and from the east to west. The Spirit of God shall have revenge against those that have bad-mouthed the state and even those within the state shall come to the realization that I, the Lord, have brooded over this state called Alabama. I shall bring forth things heretofore not seen in the earth from Alabama! You shall, for the first time, be proud for reasons other than the Crimson Tide. You shall be proud because the Glory of God shall rest upon Alabama!


27 Sandi Glee Ballew in Tuscaloosa Alabama, June 22, 2013

I [personally] sense that we are less than two years away from seeing the full manifestation of this flow of God’s Spirit in this state. And I wouldn’t be shocked if it didn’t begin before the end of this year.


28 Pamela Pearson in Tuscaloosa Alabama, January 16, 2014

I saw an image of a map of the United States. On it, the State of Alabama looks like the shape of a door. I suddenly knew that Alabama is the door that opens Revival to America.


29 Wynne Goss in Jemison Alabama, September 27, 2014

For up out of the wells of salvation will I rise a spring of a healing river that will flow from this place unto the oceans and up out of this state will I arise a well and many shall come here to drink and many shall come here to bathe in the healing waters of My Spirit. For My eyes are upon this land, My eyes are upon this state. For I have chosen it now. I have chosen it now to glorify My Name. And that what men reject, I will choose. And I will crown this place with My Presence for all to see. And kings and princes of high places, they will come, they will come and bow down, casting their crowns to the ground in My Presence.


30 Joseph Frye in Jemison Alabama, December 7, 2014

The reason there has been such an emphasis on Alabama is because that is where the next great awakening and move of My Spirit will take place.
He has zeroed in on this place to start that move of the Spirit. You have not been waiting on Him. He has been waiting on you. In the midst of Him waiting on you, He has been perfecting those things which concern you.