Whispers & Unctions

of Holy Spirit wisdom spoken into my Heart




01.*Take the shackles off of your



02.*Welcome precious Holy



03.*Ask what to say and what to



04.*God is always speaking~

ministering healing love~


05.*The greatest freedom is hav-

ing nothing to prove~


06.*Go sow a check for $818

[DEUTERONOMY 8:18] to remember what I have done for you~


07.*SING THIS~ If He has to

 reach waaay down, I know Jesus will pick me up~


08.*Be fully invested in whatever

you're doing~


09.*Good churches have corpo-

rate prayer. Attend it until you could lead it~


10.*The Word is the most power-

ful thing that has ever been~




21.*Don't measure your faith. If

 you do, you will always con-clude that you don't have enough. Just obey. Faith is al-ways the result of surrender~ not determination~



that I have Heard~


11.*True believing is the kind

 that moved you into action~


12.*The Fire is for the body~


13.*Work on this: Eliminate

Blame! To blame is to be dishonest with yourself~


14.*God will also take care of the

 little things~


15.*Don't care about love coming

 to you~ Care about love com-ing out of you~


16.*Keep doing what you're

already doing, but stir it up!~


17.*Sweet Alabama! Always be at

peace within your gates~


18.*The Kingdom depends on

your believing that the Word is true~


19.*It doesn't work so that you

 can believe it ~You believe it so that it can work~


20.*Sons and daughters should

 always believe their father~