Who is in Control?

Who’s In Control?


Ask most Christians the question, Is God Sovereign, is God really in control of everything that happens on earth? and they will give the honoring, yet unproven answer of YES, of course! But are we sure that a world full of violence, hate, inequities and evil is the result of the Almighty’s heavenly and infallible blueprint for mankind? What does Sovereign mean in terms of events and situations on earth, and does everything that happen to people reflect the express or even permissive will of a merciful God? Or, is there another explanation for why bad things happen to good people? You can know exactly how the Bible explains this powerful principle that affects everything that has ever or will happen to you. Then you can do your part to make it always really turn out good!


Series Contents:

Episode 1: Is God Really Getting His Way On The Earth?

Episode 2: The Authority Of Man

Episode 3: God And His Church

Stir Up The Gift

There are special personality gifts in every person—the part that sets them distinguishes them from the crowd and the ordinary: whether it be their effervescence, quick humor, willingness to always help, a grace to forgive easily or an upbeat attitude—everyone has some of all the best qualities of people working for them. There are also heavenly gifts that are only revealed in people at the new birth, their salvation experience. They are described in some detail in the Bible and categorized and grouped according to their function.

In this series, Debbie teaches how to discover and develop the gifts of God within the recreated spirit man. Nobody excels in every area, but everyone ought to pick up the pace and stir up the gifts they have been endowed with by God in order to live well and to bless others. You can develop your inward man to the Glory of God! Learn how to live out your best life now by exercising your spiritual gifts. You’ll be blessed by this provoking teaching!


1. Stir Up the Gift

2. Pick Up the Pace

3. Spiritual Endowments

Secret Place

We all live in such an aggressive and hostile culture and generation. There are so many things that threaten and intimidate what once was just growing up, preparing for the future, living a good life and then enjoying the benefits of honest living. Not anymore. From terrorism to financial uncertainty to greedy people everywhere to rampant disease and sickness, living on earth has become uncertain and stressful and many are not handling it well. What can you do? Psalm 91 reveals how we can find a refuge and a fortress from the world’s system. We can have victory over it. We can absolutely go there and know that we’re in the secret place of God. When we understand it, we can truly rest in the shadow of the Almighty.


1. Your Refuge in a Troubled World

2. How to Get into the Secret Place

3. What the Secret Place Has that You Can’t Do Without

Sixth Sense

Every person has five distinct senses that monitor the world around their lives. However, born—again believers have a sixth sense—the sense of faith that operates in the world of the spirit—the realm that supersedes and regulates the lower sense domain. In this series, Debbie skillfully teaches about the battles and outcomes between the seen and the unseen arenas of life. She demonstrates how to maneuver the future by faith in order to get complete victory every time. She outlines how to be sixth-sense—conscious in order to cooperate with the various functions of the spirit realm that foster agreement, cooperation and supernatural success.


One     Living in Two Realms

Two    The Integrity of God’s Word

Three  Faith=Life’s Architect and Builder

Four   Learning How to Draw from the Spirit Realm

Extraordinary Life of The Whole Hearted

Think you’re really giving it your all for God and church? Does He really understand that you’re doing the very best that can be expected with your very busy, focused and demanding  life? What about your career? Does your personal and private commitment toward God really have to be evident in your job that much? In this stirring series, Debbie shares her candid and personal journey concerning different levels of being whole-hearted toward God, the church and work. She demonstrates how much it affects every area of the believer’s life for good or bad. In tough times, she made an adjustment and ordinary life went to extraordinary. Discover how you can live a better life all the rest of your life simply by becoming whole-hearted.



                            1. A Gospel of Commitment, Not Convenience

                                    2. Resisting a Passive and Heartless Generation

                                                3. Being 100%: Employer and Employee

                                                            4. Open the Doors to Your Whole Heart 


ABC's of Excellence

Excellence is the life that God lives. In this powerful series, Debbie takes the listener on an adventure to discover how to apply the excellence of God’s Word & Spirit in the home, family, the business, the ministry, the church & every aspect of personal life. You’ll enjoy her personal experiences pursuing God’s best. The principles & practicalities in this A to Z teaching will empower & enable you to never settle for the average & ordinary again. Get the ABCs & Get a Life!

The Art of Effective Praying

Effective Praying is releasing faith-prayers that God already wants to answer and asked with the same motive that He has to do it. No doubt, this is an art that every Christian should master. God is not withholding answers. He is ready to give them to anyone that can agree with heaven and ask with expectation.


Who Can Pray?

How to Get Results

How to Pray

Nine Principles of Effective Praying

What is the Pray-er Responsible for in prayer?

Why We Pray Together

Contending for your Promotion


When God gives a believer a word or revelation about his life and future, He intends for it to come to pass exactly as He revealed it. Yet, many Christians don’t know what to do to ensure that God’s will does play out exactly how and when He said it should. They often miss the benefits of God’s plan because they simply stop, hesitate and wait for it to happen, not knowing that they have a part to do. The keys that bring those precious words to pass are simple and they allow God to accomplish His good pleasure for them and through them.


Fruit of The Spirit

The Fruit of the Spirit


…the fruit produced by the Holy Spirit within you is divine love in all its various expressions. The love is revealed through Joy that overflows, Peace that subdues, Patience that endures, Kindness in action, a life full of Virtue, Faith that prevails, Gentleness of heart and Strength of spirit. Never set the law above these qualities, for they are meant to be limitless.  GALATIANS 5:22 & 23 PassionVersion.


When you are born again, the fruit of the Holy Spirit is deposited into your human spirit. When believers learn to yield to that power and live out of their heart instead of their head, they will witness these nine manifestations and virtues working in their daily lives. 

Holy Ghost Fire


Holy Ghost Fire



Follow the Book of Acts and discover that God is repeating the pattern of 2,000 years ago in the church today. There is nothing new happening, just a fresh visitation of the Lord in these last of the last days. Why are people in some churches laughing and running? Is it God or is it the flesh? What does it accomplish? Where is it taking us? You will discover that it’s not what you thought.

Lord Help Me Get It Right


Lord, Help Me Get It Right



If you ever ask yourself, What am I doing wrong or why it this taking so long or why is this thing so hard?—immediately you could answer yourself—is my faith working or am I in the will of God or am I worth anything to God or who’s really to blame for my mess? 

This message by Debbie Billings answers these and other questions from God’s word. You’ll see it! God will help you get it right. It will be easier than ever to get your life back. So, get out of your Park or Reverse and being stuck and get the Lord answer to Drive—Right Now!

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The Triumphant Church

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Walking In Divine Health

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Wait On The Lord

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Things God Is Saying

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