No Condemnation

Shame, Guilt, Regret & Condemnation. It’s what everyone is tempted to experience when they know they haven’t totally obeyed what is right or just outright sinned and then felt the regret. It’s a faith killer. It’s a vision stopper. It’s a life drainer. It’s a gut wrencher. It makes sin big and God’s love little. And none of it’s from heaven—not since Jesus took care of the sin problem. All these feelings may have been your past, but none should ever be part of your future. But you can’t stay free until you know what God has thought and said about your situations. All of them. Don’t be miserable and messed up another day. Get the truth. Get free. Get a real life.


Series Contents:

Episode 1: No Verdict Rendered, No Sentence Passed & No Punishment Following

Episode 2: God’s Not out to Do you Bad, Only Good

Episode 3: The Compassion of God

Episode 4: Dodging the Fire You Called Down

Episode 5: Caught in the Act, the Very Act

Receiving From God

Bible Promises are just that—Promises from God to man. There are 8,000 of them in the Bible, yet the news among most believers is not about having them in their life! Aha! Every gift has to be received in order to truly possess it. So, if only a few know how to receive God’s generous love gifts, then it would be considered almost a miracle to actually live by them. Yet, the Word of God is full of instruction on how to receive heaven’s best on earth. This series exposes the traditions about Father as a Giver ,and untangles the many, yet simple ways to receive God best now!



1. God is a Quality Giver

   2. Adjust Your Heart and Be a Quality Receiver

      3. The Challenge of Sin and Receiving From God

         4. How Receiving from God Always Begins and Ends

            5. How to Always Receive a Manifestation

               6. The Mercy and Compassion of God for You

                  7. Offended—Rejecting a Life That Cannot Receive

                     8. Thinking Big in Small Places


What You Need to Succeed [single episode]



What is Heaven’s take on becoming a successful Christian? From get—rich strategies to long term investments, there seems to be no consensus or guidelines for people of faith in a very self-centered world. But the Bible is God’s book of SUCCESS that has been hidden FROM the world but hidden FOR the wisdom seeker. The Lord Jesus promised that His assignment yoke was easy and His potential burden was light. Rather than try to beat down the hundred-pound doors to your rooms of blessing, take the key of wisdom and power that opens every opportunity to increase and fulfillment. Walk right into your inheritance of abundant life no matter the state of the economy, culture or nation . Discover your success potential and then engage it by faith.


When Nothing is Happening

Have you ever gone through a season where you questioned almost everything that you were doing to stand strong in your faith walk?

Why? Because NOTHING was happening...unless it seemed the situation was even worse than before you believed and prayed. Sometimes it seems that there's no change at all for days, weeks or maybe even months! There's simply not much confidence left over to start anything new! 

 WELL—Is nothing really happening or is the INVISIBLE at work? What is the relationship between the seen and unseen, the time lapse of faith and what you can do to bridge those discouraging times of stagnation and even setback to get increase and promotion working for you. Before you give up, listen to how easy it can be to turn it around so that you can say... Wow, My Faith is HAPPENING!


Get Off the Bridge

Get Off the Bridge!

Can You Let Go of a Good Life to Have a God Life?


The Promises of God have been given to every Christian to bless and promote every part of life. Faith is what receives them. As believers develop a persuasion in God’s Word, they are constantly challenged by the gap between what they need for tomorrow and how much they can believe for it to come forth today. They wonder, is faith an all or none system? Is there no way to somehow be rescued while faith is growing and increasing? In Jesus, there always is! In this series, you will learn how the favor and grace of God build a bridge of natural supply and connection into your life to keep you from failure under daily pressures. This bridge is the door to a great life, but never the goal of it. At best, it is just there to give you time to reload and relocate to God’s better and blest. Do you need a bridge out of trouble? Are you on a bridge right now that once rescued you, but now holds you back? Find out how to get on the bridge and then off the bridge!


1. Entitlement for life: Where does yours come from?  36.25

2. Grace & Favor will build your Bridge  31.55

3. Get on the Bridge that God Built  38.02

4. Get off the Bridge that God Built  34.12

5. What is a Christian Atheist & where do they Live?  20.59

6. Lord, Help me Get it Right! 50.29

The Uncommon Man And The Exceptional Woman

The Uncommon Man-The Exceptional Woman by Michael Billings

The Last Word Standing Is Doing The Commanding!


  1. Your Future is in your Mouth
  2. Believing and Speaking is Loading and Shooting
  3. Talking About Miracles
  4. A New Dream Requires New Words
  5. There's a Miracle in your Mouth
  6. The Last Word Standing is still Doing the Commanding


Words are Powerful! The Bible says that what we say goes directly into our future whether we know it or not, believe it or not or want it or not. Faith or fear-filled words are affecting our lives for our promotion & increase or hardship & failure. We should upgrade what we say to line up with our vision lest words spoken under a lesser dream continue to rule and reign behind the scenes. You can know your future if you can believe it and say it!



The Law Of The First

Christian are often tempted to be weary in well doing in their faith WALLK-WHY? They are trying to do the best they can and the result have been disappointing -too little and too late! They've got so much to do and they need God to be patient and remember just how much responsibility they have just juggling priorities in their life, In stressful times they try to become more efficient in their life, Which means that sometimes they have to put the Spiritual parts on the back burner for just a little while until things line out. Believing that a loving God understands how sincere, yet busy, they are trying to live for him, they don't take another thought about how their personal life-system aligns with God's laws for living and what it really produces for them. In this series you will discover that sequence and order are ESSENTIAL to an abundant Christian life. Believers don't generally need to DO MORE to HAVE MORE, but simply to regard to ORDER of all that they are ALREADY DOING. This teaching will change the WAY of everything that you do, including your approach to giving to God. When you know how it works, you can do it. Law of the First 

Be at The Right Place ... at The Right Time

Be At The Right Place At The Right Time

Praying for a Great Door Utterance

Payer For A Door Utterance by Michael Billings

Talk Yourself into the Life You Love

Talk Yourself Into The Life You Love by Michael Billings